Good/handy/useful light

One cannot have too many flashlights. When I received this flashlight, it was a little bigger than some of the other flashlights I have. The construction is solid and the light output is solid.

To me what sets this apart is that it has a magnetic base. This is very useful when you need your hands to do something else, such is changing a tire or working with tools. Also this flashlight has a nice led strip in the body, so it can turn into a useful worklight. The strip also doubles as an emergency light, which it has red LED’s there too. The main light is your typical zoom-light and it has a cool light color.

This is a solid flashlight that I would recommend to keep in your home or in the car. I wish it used a 14500 or 18650 battery for a longer runtime/brighter light. But I guess you would lose the convenience of using common readily available AAA batteries.