Smarson Bluetooth LED App Controlled Smart Light Bulb


I have to admit, I am impressed with this smart LED bulb.  There is so much I can do with this.  This bulb is a 7watt/60watt equivalent.

As soon as I received the bulb and open the package, it had simple instructions for me to download the app.  I liked the QR Code feature, because I have a qr code reader on my iPhone 6 Plus.  I got the app and installed the light bulb.  It was easy and straight forward.

Once I turned it on, I played with the colors for a while, and was having fun.  The feature I like about this bulb, was the ability to change the white balance.  At stores you have to figure out if you want 2700/3500/5000 color temp bulbs.. But sometimes I might want 3000/6000k color temps.. This bulb gives me the flexibility for that.  I know that this bulb cost more than the simple LED bulbs, but in certain areas I can see it being worthwhile.

The other feature I played with is the microphone and color changing feature.  I can see this being pretty cool at a party, or even behind a TV.  I also played with the camera/LED color response.  This would probably be cool say behind a computer.. If your wallpaper is blue, you could use the picture to set the color of the light.

Overall I am very pleased with this light, that I probably will pick up a few more.  I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.