Why I selected the Fuji X-T1.

Well I was trying to avoid looking at this camera because I was happy with my Fuji X100/X100S.  But I read a review, then another then another and then I guess I decided to look at another mirrorless camera that I can carry every day.  Now this will never replace my Canon 5D Mark III because I love that camera and all the lenses that it offers.  But there are times when I just do not want to carry that camera and the heavy lenses.  Plus I admit.. I am a tech junkie.

What I was looking for is something small, light, fun to shoot and easy to carry around.  Also I wanted something with good image quality and where I do not have to think about all my settings.

So I decided to look at what mirrorless systems would meet/fit my needs.  Currently there are a few great options that are available.  So I looked at the following systems/camera.

Sony A:  Come on, they stuck a full frame sensor in a nice small body.  That is cool.  I almost ordered the A7R.  But after testing out the A7 and A7R, I felt that the images were not great (granted I was shooting JPEGs inside the store).  Also I felt that the price they wanted did not offer enough value/return.  Plus their selection of lenses was very limited.  Granted I can get adapters, but then the size of the camera/lens would be almost as big as my Canon 5D Mark III.  Maybe if I did not have the Canon, this would be the one camera solution that I would choose.

Sony Nex:  I looked at the Sony NEX-7.  I did not really like how the NEX-7 felt in my hands.  I have big hands, but it just felt tiny. 

Micro 4/3:  I have an Olympus Pen E-PL1 that I converted to a IR camera.  The Micro 4/3 system has been around for a while and the lens selection is very mature.  I looked at the Olympus E-M1, which is one of the best 4/3 camera around.  Spec wise, the camera is very nice and there are plenty of great reviews on this camera.  But my past experience, I never have seen/gotten any images that just wowed me.  Like when I went from a 30D to the 5D.. that was a wow…  I am not sure if it is physiological, but I guess the size of the 4/3 system does not impress me that much.  So it would not offer the image quality that I was looking for.

Nikon Df: I looked at the Nikon Df briefly, but this camera would be too big/heavy for my needs.  Plus there are a lot of mixed reviews on this camera, so I just excluded this.

Fuji X:  Okay I have a Fuji X100 and X100S.  And for a while I considered the X-Pro1.  I think the Fuji X series is a great system.  They have a decent selection of lenses with more on the way.  The company tends to listen their customers.  The sensor is a good size (APS-C).  One thing I have always been impressed by Fuji is their colors (JPEG).  I love what I get out of the camera.  While I always shoot RAW on my 5D Mark III, on the Fuji I am comfortable with using/keeping the JPEGs.  This does not change with the Fuji X-T1..

So I decided to order the Fuji X-T1 one day and received it two days later…  So far I love and am very impressed with the Fuji X-T1.