VarieDrop resizes multiple images by dragging and dropping

Resizing one image is pretty easy, even resizing multiple images is fairly easy/simple for most people. But for some people it can be either difficult or time consuming. VarieDrop helps with this issue.

VarieDrop tries to simplify this by allowing you to define up to four “drag and drop areas”, each of which have their target size, file format, output folder and so on. Once it’s set up, just select your target images, drag and drop them onto that area, and they’ll be converted and resized accordingly.


There’s also a fifth “drag and drop area” which can optionally combine the results of the others. If you’ve set up the main areas to create 320×200, 640×480, 800×600 and 1024×768 images, you might also have this fifth area generate all four sizes with a single drag and drop.

VarieDrop has some limitations. There is no watermarks, special effects or rotation. It just allows you to resize to a few standard sizes and changes your image to other common image formations.

VarieDrop’s ability to perform these operations on multiple files with a drag and drop does make the program very easy to use, though, and if your batch processing needs are simple then the program could be worth a look.

You can find the software here

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