Box gives 50 GB of free storage to iPhone and iPad users (until February 15th, 2104)

Box just recently released new iPhone and iPad applications, and, as part of the release, is offering 50 GB of free cloud storage to users who download the new apps within the next month. Given that Box’s free tier is 10 gigabytes, the fresh file space is large in comparison.

The updated applications sport a new user interface, preview support for more than 100 file varieties, commenting and text search, among other upgrades.

What Box has in mind is simple: It wants its mobile applications to be your hub for file storage, file management, and collaboration on the go. This mirrors its efforts on the web to expand its tool set past file storage and up the value stack with applications like BoxNotes that let users edit their stored documents.

If you have used Box in the past or do not use it that often, here are some of the changes they made.

Speed and simplicity
An entirely new simple intuitive user interface
Significantly faster document rendering
Progressive low- to high-resolution photo loading for fast scrolling and previewing

The best content experience
New preview capabilities for 100+ file types
High fidelity rendering of PowerPoint, PDFs, photos, videos and more
Convenient grid views
Full text search within documents

Enhanced productivity
New sidebar for featuring comments
Real-time search for files within your account
The ability to move, copy and delete multiple files at once
A redesigned Box OneCloud gallery of partner apps
Menu of recommended partner apps customized for each file

While I typically use Dropbox and Skydrive… but 50GB is a good amount of free cloud storage.


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