Tablet cost breakdown

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2 comments on “Tablet cost breakdown

  1. Standford,
    Have you looked at the hybrid tablets (HP and Toshiba I think)? I am looking at the Win7 capable tablets and was comparing the HP 2760 with the ASUS EEE slate. What are your thoughts.

    • I have looked and been keeping tabs on Win7 based tablets for over a year now. Now there are/will be more of them out there. But it really depends on your needs. If you want to email, show off your portfolio, surf the web, etc then the android and iOS based tablets work out great.

      For me I was interested in a Win7/8 based tablet because of the productivity factor. I love the idea that I can run the full version of photoshop/lightroom/etc on a tablet. The the acer, asus, eeepc, msi ones are cool. And when Win8 comes out next year I think there will be more windows based tablets since win8 is going to be optimized for tablets. I think the downside of Win7 based tables is the price/performance/storage ratio. The nice ones can get onwards of over 1k.

      So again what are your needs really determines what type of tablet would work out best for you. Right now I have a iPad and a android based tablet. I should be getting this HP Touchpad really soon. I use my ipad to read books(photography books), magazines, browse the web, and stream my shows. But lately my son as acquired/stolen it from me. 🙂

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