HP Touchpad Frenzy

Man the one time that I slack off and not monitor tech related deals, one of the best deals happened. HP recently announced that they were dropping/discontinue its tablets and smartphones. The HP Touchpad usually runs 399 or 499, but due to the announcements they were reduced to $99 and $149. Come on a 16GB, 1.2Gz Snapdragon, 9.7″ tablet for $99 is freaking awesome. I really do not know why I want it, I already have a ipad which suits me just fine. But I guess it’s the deal hunter in me… or my geeky tendencies.

So when I heard the news late Sunday, of course the geek in me said go and take a look. Maybe you will get lucky, while the rational side said “your too late sucker”. Well so I placed a few orders to a few places. So far only CDW has officially cancelled my order (I ordered early Monday morning).

This frenzy actually has showed how crappy a lot of inventory systems are and how certain websites/estores cannot not handle large amounts of viewers/purchasers. But I admit it is crazy… with inventories of thousands being sold out in under two minutes. Even discount websites like fatwallet and slickdeals forums are having threads longer than I haven’t seen in a long time.

But I still have a few places that remain promising. I will actually be happy if I just get one. Fingers crossed.


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